Mix the chems and soup the film.

Be consistent. So that you can adjust things and or get repeatable results.

Use the development time of C41 and the ISO of the chrome as starting points and make adjustments to one or the other and eventually both. Do this to get more of what you want out of the film. Once you start crossprocessing you are saying "I don't care about colour fidelity" So if you don't aim for natural skin tones you won't be disappointed.

C41 is simply
1) dev
-- Stop Opt
2) bleach (check your handy work if you like)
--- Wash
3) Fix
-- Wash
4) Stabilizer
5) Dry

It is easily done with hand inversion, a table top motor base roller, or in trays (not so easy).

Temp is critical in Dev and only important the rest of the way.