I'm very happy with my Argoflex EF. Has a hot shoe (M synch, though that can be changed if you have the shutter open), press shutter (no separate cocking step), pretty decent ground glass (without Fresnel, though, and only f/4.5 viewing lens, so fairly dim), and the lens isn't bad as triplets go. You can get them in reasonably working condition for around $20 plus shipping, or in "fix it yourself" condition at yard sale prices, though they aren't as common as all that. The camera is originally 620, but conversion to 120 is very simple, and no trimming or 620 takeup spool required once converted.

Another very, very nice TLR that can be had in this price range (if you're willing and able to clean the shutter yourself, and don't mind respooling or trimming 120 rolls for a 620 camera) is the Kodak Reflex II -- the Anastar lens is simply magnificent, and this model claims the world's first Fresnel viewer, as well as an accurate and robust frame counter (you can shoot off a whole roll without taking your eyes off the finder). The flash synch on this model is X with a settable M delay, though it has an ASA (Kodak style) connector instead of a PC socket -- adapters are available, I see them on eBay routinely for about $20.

Both of these are metal bodies, coated lenses, and were robustly made; the Argoflex was a high-end consumer camera while the Kodak was intended to compete with the Rolleiflex (and cost as much as a good used car when new).