Yes, thanks Donald. I don't want to "down" Mr. Kroeckel, actually; in fact , he is responsible for my newfound appreciation for folding cameras of the '50s. I think he knows his business, and does a great job of restoring cameras.
I guess I was just disappointed to find the camera in such a state - the smoke film is bad enough to make the rangefinder hard to use; after seeing all the great pictures of Jurgen's restorations, I was dismayed that the camera I have was "not 100%." (I mean within the limits of possibility.)
The camera takes great pictures, and I love to use it. I would still recommend his work to anyone wanting to get into folders; I just wouldn't "unconditionally" recommend him, if you know what I mean.
If you have a folder that needs work, DO send it to Jurgen, I do not think that you will be sorry; just be appraised of the possibilities.
The situation is similar to buying something on ebay - if a seller has 100 feedbacks, and 95 of them are positive, and 5 are negative (and dispersed over time), should you buy something from that seller? Yes- it will probably be OK, BUT you may get something else. You pays your money...