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Perhaps while viewing the scene you were about to photograph you kind of fell into kind of an infatuatiion with it and were seeing it with rose colored glasses. The next morning in the darkroom reality fell onto you like a ton of bricks.
Then again perhaps I'm just full of ...
Micahel McBlane
Fecetitious. The word is "fecetious", from the Latin, "Feces". Means the same thing.

No, I don't think you are being fecetious.
The same process probably happens. We become "infatuated" (as good a word as entranced, or hypnotized, or fascinated) and possibly that "infatuation" sort of dulls the senses. Later, in the cold light of day, we MAY intellectualize, or rationalize, or filter the image through our "good/bad" filter ... or our "guilt" filter --- or something - but it just doesn't seem the same.

Human beings are wonderful entities ... but SO damn complicated! Sometimes. it is better to just DO ... and let the chips - and fecetiousness - fall where it may.