Yep moving out of California. Hubby now can work from home, and live where ever we want. I love the red rock country of Southern Utah. It is where Dan (my hubby) met me. This time I will make sure I take a lot more pictures of Zion National Park.

Tim, Tucson is not that far, and a good days drive from where I will be. Come on up when I get there.

Mateo I would be very disappointed if you didn't make it!

That and I have to show ya'll what Brad got me started on. I test drove his beemer on Sunday with the thought of buying it from him. Well today we got another silver (25th anniversary vehicle) In Walnut Creek, there is a Mercedes dealer that is wondering how I got a wholesale deal on a new M class. And to those of you who think it was being ostentatious and excessive, I looked at Fords right before that, and I got it cheaper than a loaded F150. Ever want to make a salesman cry, let me know.