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Naw, not those "whimpy thangs" that are too easy to carry. My only tripod is a Bogen 3051 with the 3047 head. I use it for 35mm (yes, there have been a few smirks) and 8x10. Like in hunting, use enough tripod (gun). Also great cardio-vascular workout just carrying it to the car. tim

P.S. Arnold says "Don't be tripod girlie-men"
Me too! Only a 3046 base. I use it for all MF and the Speed Graphic (looks good on the Bogen ). I do have a little fatigue carrying it about now a days since I'm recovering from radiation treatment, but, at age 70, I still make it pretty good. I use a luggage cart to haul the LF stuff in the field. Only one caveat: I had to replace the aluminum leg braces with a more structurally appropriate aluminum strip, available at the local hardware, because I broke the original when attempting to fold it after use. Those braces are rather flimsy. The conversion was relatively easy and done in my garage with normal "woodworking" tools.