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what do you do when you know something would make a great photo but when you take it it looks like the proverbial "crap"....
That's what's called editing, isn't it? Sorting out the very few good ones from the rest... Being critical to ones own work, sorting out what's working and not working immediately, then revisiting later with new perspectives. Or revisiting and re-discovering "crap" as being part of a theme, a body of work.

I find myself these days printing negatives 2-5 years old, negatives that I did not find interessting at first glance, but are rediscovering in a new context. I am doing a streetphoto portfolio with exhibition in mind.

What I do with the rest of the "crap"? Contacts of course. And then filing archivaly and maintaining a database. The crappy ones I am emotionally attached to - kids & family - travels - holidays - are printed as workprints on RC paper. As archival as RC can be, stored in print-books.