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...Weston created thousands of portraits, but they don't inspire.
So, find a subject that grabs you, inspires you; then your images may do the same.
That is exactly as it should be. If doorknobs fascinate you, for heavens sake, take photographs of doorknobs. Or clouds, or ...
I once saw a wonderful book based on an unusual theme, "Outhouses"; another on *wonderful* graffitti in the Greenwich Village area of New York....

With all respect for our individual "pre-dispositions" ... I AM inspired with many of Edward Westons portraits... case in point would be "Galvan Shooting, 1924"; there are MANY of Tina Modotti (aside from the Azotea nudes) - protraits of a beautiful, emotional, expressive woman; "Nahui Olin, 1925".... so many more.
Possibly I am just weird ... I've been accused of that before ... but I experience a great deal of "emotional involvement" from the work of Ansel Adams.

Interesting ... Steiglitz was once asked about his fascination with clouds ... so many images produced on Kodak Postcard stock. "Why do you photograph clouds? What do you `see' in them?", he was asked.

His answer: "Naked women."