well, i just developed my first roll shot with the hassy, and I was a bit surprised.
What I found was possibly a light leak, but im not sure.

What I found on the negs was odd. The edges of most all the frames appear to be much more dense, as if the edges of the film did not recieve the same exposure. Its much more evident on the frames that I used shutter speeds of 1 second or more. Both the density on the edges appears to be uniform on both sides

Now let me say that I was quite anxious to develop the film so im hoping it just careless developing. I use the "S" method in a small stainless steel tank.

Does this sound like a mechanical problem? Ive heard about film not being tightly spooled with hassy back, and since this is an older camera, i wouldnt rule out light leak.
Ill try to post an example once the negs dry.