Here is a cut and paste from an email I sent to some others recently. i just re-ran a bunch of tests at 2:2:100 in the jobo, and here are the Tmax films:

Jobo expert drums 73 degrees pyrocat HD 2:2:100 Target Density Range of 1.4

Tmax 100 TMX
Effective film speed: 50
N-2 6-1/2 minutes
N-1 8-1/2 minutes
N 10m45s
N+1 16-1/2 minutes

Effective film speed 320
N-2 5-1/2 minutes
N-1 8 minutes
N 10-1/2 minutes
N+1 16 minutes

One note. Sandy and I have been corresponding about occasional stain in the film rebate area, and I think we have tracked it down to excessive rotation speed on the Jobo. I now run it a the absolute lowest speed - even slower than the "F" setting. Since I have done this, the stain has gone away.