OK, I managed to get the data.

For a DR of 1.75, actual UV reading suitable for Palladium, here is what I show.

SBR 10 5.5 minutes
SBR 9 8:00 minutes
SBR 8 9:45 minutes
SBR 7 12:00 minutes
SBR 6 16:00 minutes

Clay developed this set of TMAX-400 negatives in Jobo at 73F, with Pyrocat-HD 2:2:100, but as I recall he used the very fast rotation. The negatives have a lot of b+f stain, which in my opinion would be reduced considerably by a slower rate of rotation. My own tests of TMAX-400, which were done in BTZS types tubes, with moderate agitation, resulted in considerably less b+f stain than this particular batch.

Reducing the amount of fog stain is desirable because the stain is highly actinic and adds a lot of printing time with UV processes. And if you lower b+f stain you can reach the same negative density range with less development so the times above are probably too long by about 10-15%.