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...I also have a Lubitel which, despite it's flaws, I've had excellent results from. I've had more 'keepers' per roll from that camera than any other I own.
Very interesting - I found the same results with mine! I love my Lubitel, and enjoy it very much, but I doubt its what most people consider "fun" - mine kicks my ass before it lets me take any pictures - but that is why, perhaps, I get so many good ones, the little TLR makes me work for them!

I have found, though, that while sharp - the lens will show a tiny bit of fall off or vignetting towards the corners (very small) if you print the full square neg. Price can't be beat!

Having said that - I have a sentimental attachment to mine - if not for that, I think I would definitely look elsewhere for a TLR... you can just get so much more camera for so little a premium in price.

PS - If anyone is interested in a "sentimental attachment" for their Lubitel, sendme $29.99 + shipping and handling.... - it may be the best attachment you buy!