I know that you want to avoid used, but the cameras you are looking for are almost exclusively available used at this point. I don't know of another camera, except for used, that has the features you want for less money than the FM3A. One option to consider would be to look at KEH.com at a used FM2 or FE2. The FM2 is all manual exposure and the FE2 is aperture preferred auto or manual and they are both manual focus. The FM3A is roughly a combination of these two cameras. KEH sells these cameras in excellent condition (meaning almost new) for around $300 for the body and it would include a 14 day return and 60 day warranty. KEH has a great reputation around here, you can find out more about them by doing a search of the archives.

The only other thing I can think of is the FM10 from Nikon and it sells for about $220 with a zoom lens. It is a lot cheaper and flimsier than the FM3A and does not have the advanced features, but it is manual focus.