I think a print publication would be a very dicey proposition in light of the struggles that Steve has had getting subscribers to Photovision and the fact that View Camera and Camera Arts have had to move increasingly to digital content, to gain new readers or satisfy existing ones.

A web based publication would be the way to go. But then you have to decide how are you going to finance the site. Advertising with pop-ups and banner ads? Do you go the subscription route, and who is going to maintain the site and be responsible for gathering content.

If we do explore the web option, you need to contact Ed Buffaloe at Unblinkingeye.com. He has the closest thing in many ways to a web-zine with galleries or artists, technical articles that he adds to with regularity written by some outstanding practioners of photography. He might be willing to provide some input or connections, maybe be a contributor.

I think essays and articles about photography, and photographs should be included, not just how to articles and interviews with photogs. Photovision does a good job with its columnists and another example is the essays in every issue of Lenswork.

The suggestion to mimic C&D is a good starting point. But I also think we need to think hard about the advantages the Web provides and use them to our advantage to create something unique.

As content grows, you could also look at the possibility of reproducing issues or selected articles, portfolios and essays onto a CD and selling to subscribers to help promote the site.

Anyway just some ideas.