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Thank you for your suggestions.

I'm still debating the FM3, it's in my price range, but I don't really want to pay that much... crazy, right? I looked at some used F2s, but they didn't "click" (if that makes sense). I'm sure I'll end up going with the FM3.

I like that it's completely manual, with no auto-options. Plus, it looks really great (in chrome). I also like the metal body - it seems like it would hold up better and feel better than a plastic one.

Again, thanks for all your feedback, I appreciate it

The FM3 has aperture preferred auto exposure but it also has a system that alllows the shutter to work without batteries. It also supports TTL metering for flash. I think that's why everyone was recommending AE manual focus cameras. Nikon has all the info on their web site. The F2 is a beast, an incredible camera that is kind of old nowadays and very heavy. The FM and FE series look just like the FM3A and have metal bodies as well. The FM is manual everything and the FE has aperture preferred AE. The FM3A is a great camera and you will surely enjoy it should you go that way.

Have fun!