hey all, i enjoy using the portra films from kodak in the 120 size. My local one hour photo is able to soup the film. The shop is privatly owned.

I wonder if i should be sending the film out to a pro level lab?

the fella who runs his shop always keeps his chems fresh, and strangely enough, he actually cares about how he handles the film, that is, hes not some kid at eckerd who runs the film through an unclean machine and often overused chemicals.

So i wonder if sending out to a "pro" would be a wiser choice? or stick with my local guy? My 120 negs come back with no problems, but im just curious if a "pro" lab will do a better job?

any thoughts?

oh and anyone been to zion national park? heading out on tuesday by way of las vegas in a rental car, will have a full day at the park, anyone wanting to share their thoughts on the place would be another plus!!!

thanks all,