Lets not throw in the towel before we even beguin. I think Aggie is a smart person and she can give us a synopsis of what it would entail to produce a mgazine after some research. Perhaps some of you are correct and it would be too much effort/money, but perhaps not. If simmons could do it, why not her/us?

I envision something more along the lines of Lenswork magazine with a very big difference. This magazine will exclusevely be for analog photographers, using everything from minox to ULF both in color and B&W. I dont think there is a magazine out there like this. I would like it to be more of a showcase for all the different formats and techniques.

PV was a step in the right direction, but we certainly would have to be different. I know it will be an uphill battle, but then like the saying goes, if it was easy everybody would do it....no?

After the production costs research, if we can lock some advertisement to produce the magazine then it might be feasible.

Someone mentioned we are too far apart for an effort like this, I think this is our strenght, while PV, PT, VC, CA etc have mostly US based photographers we have access to photographer from all over the world which will make the magazine more interesting, IMO. For example Niege lives in Australia, he can contact some known photographers there working with analog and we can use them. Woildnt it be neat to see photos from Australia other than the Sydney opera house and than big rock?...

C`mon people lets starts looking at the glass half full..not half empty.