There are printers here in the US that do only magazine printing. One that I encountered a couple of years ago was located in Pennslyvania...I don't recall the name but know the location. I will check into that if you wish, Aggie. Addtionally there are other printers off shore that may be more reasonably priced. I have notice a fair amount of photo books are printed off shore today.

The same thing holds true for distribution. There are companies that do just that. I think that distribution is vital. The best magazine in the world will go unread if it isn't on the newstands. I don't think that subscriptions alone will carry the mail. It takes both newstands and paid subscriptions.

Advertising pays the bills...but it is kind of a catch 22 in that advertising rates are determined by circulation. Someone at PV shared with me that they had pumped 200 thousand into PV in the last couple of years to get circulation up (with limited success).

My personal thoughts are that there are only so many technical aspects that can be covered to the point of ad nauseum. The slot canyons, aspens, Australian Opera House, beautiful sunsets of otherwise ordinary scenes, etc. bore me to tears. They have all been done to death.

I feel the same way about Howard Bond, John Sexton, and Bruce Barnbaum. While excellent photographers, I don't care if I never see another of what has already been done to death in their respective efforts.

I agree that a good publication is needed. Traditional photography needs to be reported on and supported. I agree that traditional photography isn't very well represented in print today. I had hoped that PV was that publication. Apparently financial reality indicated otherwise.