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It's difficult to fathom quite where Kodak are heading.
Perhaps the handbasket they're riding in is a clue...

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In the UK & probably elsewhere they are dropping their professional digital SLR's.
'Bout time. It was the Ektra all over again--build a camera that is in many ways a world beater, but with a couple of horrible flaws, refuse to fix it, wonder briefly why it loses money, and go back to what they're good at, spewing consumer crap.

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Unfortunately for Kodak they may be throwing everything they've got into the digital arena but they have very much slipped into the second rank of players.
They've acknowledged their incompetence in the high-end digital world. They're king of the hill in a market segment--low-end consumer digital--that Sony has admitted they believe will go extinct due to better cell cams. And they're throwing the shrinking--but profitable--traditional photography business away, one line at a time. Ten years out, Kodak's about as screwed as a diabetic hummingbird.

And they're trashing stuff that actually has a future in a digital world--things like Tech Pan that'll clobber digital as soundly ten years from now as it does today, B&W Lightjet paper they could make a killing on if they spent a little time promoting the superiority of real silver prints. Instead they keep junk like Portra 800, something with zero future in a digital world.

They don't even have the decency to sell off the facilities and formula to a niche player who could make a good business off the sales still possible in tomorrow's limited but not lost analog market. All that wonderful Rochester R&D lost forever to leave us relying on what, 50's Efke technology? Yuck.