I've recently become the (mostly) happy owner of a secondhand Mamiya C330S TLR. It came with an 80mm f2.8 Sekor S lens and I've added a 180mm f4.5 Super to it.

I've put a couple of rolls through it and had (by my unexacting standards) some pretty okay results. However, I was out in the Dales with it yesterday and noticed that with the 80mm I can't focus on infinity; the rack closes completely before I can get a sharp image at distance.

The lens plate appears correctly mounted, the camera is in good condition with no visible dents and the rack moves smoothly throughout it's range. It's only a problem with the 80mm (the 180mm will focus beyond infinity) and at the apertures I tend to use (f16, f22) it's probably not going to be a major hindrance. Given my mindset though, if it is a fault I'm probably going to want it fixing.

Any advice would be very much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,