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Why cant photography shops remain photography shops without for some reason thinking that they need to become digital photography shops, its like those shite magazines.
If your income were shrinking by, say, 20-30% each year, with no end in sight, wouldn't you find another way to make a living, before you starve?

It's funny, I was just thinking today about all the little gadgets and gizmos we use in darkrooms, like measuring graduates, film clips, glassine envelopes, proof printers, tongs, trays... with the next generation of photographers almost certain to be 95% digital, companies like Paterson, Falcon and Jobo will not be around (in their present form) much longer.

Because most of the darkroom supplies we buy (other than chemicals) last for years and years, darkroom equipment mfrs have always depended for their sales on new people coming into the field. How many developing trays do you plan to buy next year? Zero, right?

There will (hopefully) always be enough of us to ensure that film, paper and chemicals will be available, but what about all those little hardware items that we all rely upon so heavily in the darkroom? Sad, really sad...