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Ah, this would be the same AP that said that both Ilford and Kodak had sold more B&W film the previous year in the UK than any time before. Six months or so later Ilford went bust quoting a 25% downturn in the previous year... IIRC, Kodak have since reported similar film sales drops (not sure if they included colour).

I was surprised because I had assumed B&W sales would not be hit anything like as much as colour (wrong again; remind me never to take up betting on the horses)...

Silverprint have quotes from the new Ilford management in their news section (http://www.silverprint.co.uk/News05.htm). They say decline is now around 15-20% and they hope it will stabilize to 5-7% (one would have hoped that they would have hoped that it would stop declining completely at some point!)

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Acording to Jeff at AP its the decline in Paper sales that hit Ilford, If you ask me companies should be more positive about there tradtional products and promote printing in a darkroom like a model plane company would promote there kits.