I have the same lenses and the 80/2.8 but haven't used them enough to give an informed and results based opinion. I have no complaint with my 150/4, just happened to pick up a 150/2.8 for the right price. I haven't sold the 150/4 as I'll probably keep it for travelling.

I will say the 45mm is a pretty big lump of glass, as is the 80/1.9 (compared to the 80/2.8). You could substitute a 150/2.8 for the 150/4 and have the heaviest 3 lens 645 combo around I'd guess.

You may have 3 different filter sizes amongst that lot. That is one good feature of a 55/2.8, 80/2.8 and 150/4 combo... all 58mm filters.

My 1000s has a couple of nicer items than my Pro TL, firstly a threaded cable release, and the second shutter release which is much better positioned for vertical compositions. It also sounds nicer when firing the shutter... and more resounding 'ka chunk'

I have one of the extension tubes. They are fiddly to mount but a good addition to have.