I have the 45mm S (compact one that predates the N version, 67mm filters), the 80 2.8 and the 150 3.5. I may have three different lenses than you are looking at in this kit, so I guess my opinion might be less than totally valid. That said, I love all of my lenses. I also have a 210 f4 and I love it as well. They are all sharp and create wonderful images. I have heard nothing but good about the 80mm 1.9 and the only realy complaint I hear about the older 45 is that the 77mm filters are a pain. I have heard little about the 150mm f4, it seems to be a bit less common than the 3.5. (Perhaps the 3.5 replaced it, I am not sure.

I also used to own a 1000s, I now use a Super because I wanted the interchangable backs. I have loved both of my 645s and am a huge fan of the camera.

Have fun!