I don't think anyone who has posted in this discussion has said no to the idea. I think everyone is trying to flesh out how to make it happen or areraising valid concerns about the F word- finances.

To be blunt, this endeavor costs money. A certain level of quality requires a certain level of $. The suggestions have been about how to make this thing happen from a variety of viewpoints regarding costs.

I agree that we at APUG have a great resource of talent and contacts to provide content. But that does not mean anyone here is an expert in photography magazine publishing. Therefore someone needs to get facts and figures from a current knowledgable person in that business.

It is fine to get opinions and have a poll but you need to be realistic about participation on APUG by registered members. Out of 800 plus members probably 50 contribute 80-90% of the posted content. That is the nature of the medium. Photonet probably has several thousand registered in various forums but a similar percentage contribute the majority of posts and replies. All that means is that you have to look beyond APUG for subscribers.

Finally, no great idea ever gets done by committee. Someone has to take the lead, ask for participation and then assign responsibilities. As Sean stated earlier, it is the person with the idea that usually has to run with the ball.

Don't get discouraged. Investigate some more. Ask specific questions that others on the site can either answer authoritatively or can point you in the right direction. I think you will find a lot of people willing to help. You just have to take a leadership role. Have a thicker skin when it comes to people disagreeing or questioning you ideas or decisions. If you know the idea is good always stick with it and make those who disagree have to prove their case.