I agree with pretty much everything in your post. A hold-in-the-hand paper magazine would be far preferable to the web option. My only concerns in that area were the additional cost, work and distribution problems it would cause. If I completely missed the point (not unusual!) I apologise.

I responded via the message and not via the poll as I wanted to give a better response than just a tick in a box.

I think the magazine is a great idea but also a huge amount of work. What I would say is, please don't get disheartened or discouraged. Design by committee never works anyway.

Am I interested in an APUG magazine? Yes.
Would I pay to receive one? Yes, within reason. (I have a fairly broad sense of reason on this issue!)
Am I prepared to help out? Yes, within reason. (I have a very demanding full-time job and my photographic knowledge is not sufficient to be a contributor, but I'm happy to do a bit of proofreading, etc.)

Whether this idea goes forward or not, it's still a damn good one.

All the best,