Ader: "what do you do when you know something would make a great photo but when you take it it looks like the proverbial "crap".... I see tons of stuff that I think look great, then when I've taken them and printed them, they look very plain !!!!!maybe I should just be more discerning ..........."

It is how one sees, not what one sees that makes any photograph interesting.

You need to see space and not just the ostensible subject.

This posting is not meant to be an advertisement for our (Paula Chamlee's and my) workshops (we don't need it--they are always full), but your problem is exactly what we deal with.

Practice alone, if you are not seeing photographically, will not help you. For now, save your film. Look at the work of the great photographers and try to see what the difference between their work and your work is. When you fell you have it, go photograph again.

Good luck.

Michael A. Smith

Michael A. Smith