I just want to qualify my vote. I am all for an APUG magazine, but I voted for the Steve Anchell option. I didn't realize this was a literal option, I just wanted to vote for an option where someone with periodical experience could make sure everything went relatively smoothly. After reading Aggie's post about her previous experiences (not to mention the contacts we've got here on the board) I think we should really go for it! I was setting aside $5/paycheck to pay for my Photovision subscription, but after hearing what has happened I may just funnel that cash towards my credit card bill (don't ever make the mistake of living off credit cards). I wouldn't mind doing the same thing to pay for my apug subscription--it's how I was able to purchase one of Michael Smith's wonderful books. I have technical experience in the graphic arts using not just photoshop, but also pagemaker and the newer--and MUCH better--Adobe InDesign.

The idea of lower cost portfolios from a number of the people on the board to help give the magazine some financial stability is great too! I would love to contribute to the magazine at large, though I don't know what I could contribute. Maybe we could do a small series on personal darkrooms and then I could do a small piece on the one I'm building (and will hopefully have built by the time the mag is up and running). I like the idea ofa paper magazine, but also understand the proponents of the .pdf idea as the overhead would be very small. Maybe the idea of laserprinting the magazine could be looked at for the first issue or two, until the logistics have all been worked out. I think this is a great idea and I'm a big magazine/book guy. I've saving up for my Black and White Photography subscription right now (it's $70/year over here in the US)--hey, that's where my Photovision money can go

sorry for the rambling, I wasn't too sure where I was going with this when I started typing