I was in a local photo shop today (well, if you call 20 miles away local), and a teacher from a high school in the next county over (Greenville TN) came in and bought 12 100 sheet boxes of Kodabrome II RC F3 paper (all the store had) for the class that she teaches in Analog photography! She also wiped out their supply of D76 and Kodafix as well.

I stopped and spoke with her for a few minutes, and she said the school's budget is fine for consumables, but her big problem is getting enough film cameras to loan the students! It seems the Suits that control the spending don't want to spend money on film cameras as they're not high tech enough, so she has to rely on donations of cameras! I tried to give her my Graphic 35 that I bought at that same store for $20.00 a couple of months ago, but she said she needs auto exposure cameras, as many of the students aren't advanced enough to handle a fully manual camera.

She was kind of shocked that somebody would be so happy to see analog photography still being taught that they would give away an antique camera (well, try to at least), but I explained to her that the only way it's going to stay around is if kids are exposed to it! I also tried to tell her that I thought she should have some manual cameras so the students can learn the basics of exposure, and she said she has a couple for her more advanced students, so that was a good thing.

It's really nice to see photography still being taught in a public high school! I also thought it interesting that the HS uses only graded paper, while the local college that teaches photography only uses VC paper.