Somewhere, you need to get a good solid foundation to start on with some hands-on training. Taking the class would still be a good idea. I don't think you can get that good foundation from on-line reading. There's too many opinions, too many options presented and discussed.

You could go with a book, but its sometimes hard to translate what the book is saying inot reality without some hands-on help. Besides, there are many things that are not discussed or illustrated well in the various books. That can lead to "not-in-the-book" mindset which is contrary to good photography.

Another big plus for the class is you don't have to invest in the darkroom equipment in order to get started. Equipment sellers love a customer who doesn't have a clue; they tend to part with lots of cash for lots of expensive gear they really don't need. Bottom line on equipment is it don't make any difference what camera, enlarger, development tank, nor paper you use. But you won't get that tip at the camera shop.

The best thing you can do on-line is to stick right here with APUG and ask all the questions you want. But please, reconsider taking the class.