I guesstimate my exposures based on the EV (usually -2 to -4, depending on how close to full the moon is) and how clear the sky is. I give a rough fudge factor for reciprocity - a little more for traditional emulsions, a little less for T-Max emulsions.

With Tri-X I find 10 minutes at f/5.6 to be about right under a 3/4 moon. I bracket in full stops on either side when time permits. I've also had very good success with FP4+, tho' I haven't keep exposure records.

Lately I've been souping either in Diafine or Rodinal at 1:200 with stand development for two hours or so.

This full moon I've done a little of all of the above. It's all good. I'm more interesting in subjects illuminated by the moon, so I don't care if the moon itself is blown out in the shot. Usually I want to preserve the appearance of a photo taken at night so I seldom print the "overexposed" negs, even if the shadow detail is better.