When I first started I found magazine articles quite helpful, in particular Black & White Photography UK (AKA Ailsa's rag! (That really ought to be a piece of music, you know!)). There were other titles but they've all now changed from photography magazines to computer equipment catalogues. :rolleyes:

A college course got me interested in darkroom work, but I found it was taught to cater for the lowest common denominator. The college was measured by how many students successfully completed the (undemanding) course. If you were ahead of the minimum required standard you were effectively ignored while the tutor tried to get those below standard (an achievement, trust me!) through the course. The equipment was old and pretty effectively knackered, the safelights weren't safe...

It was a start, that's all I can say for it. Your mileage may (I fervently hope!) vary.

I then started acquiring books, some of which were better than others. A good selection include John Blakemore's Black and White Photography Workshop, Les McLean's Creative Black and White Photography and the three Tim Rudman books on darkroom practice, toning and lith printing.

I found APUG a little daunting at first as there was so much being discussed that I hadn't even heard of (Pyro, PMK, Azo, etc.), but the people are just so friendly and helpful here... ...what can I say?! It's just a damn good place to be!

Whatever works for you, I hope you thoroughly enjoy yourself!

All the best,