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I believe Aggie's idea for an APUG Quarterly in print is a good one. I'm encouraged by Les' support of the idea. As Aggie pointed out, I am available. If anyone wants to move forward on this idea I would be glad to contribute articles and/or edit.

It's good to be free to work on my own projects again.
I was about to write a lengthy tome on the effects of "Drafting Steve Anchell" in the original survey format. It obviously was meant as a lighthearted jest... that did "cloud" the results. It turned out to be prophetic. Aggie has the gift of clairvoyance?

How about *THIS* for an offer! Somewhere in the stars, it must be written.

OK... now add the Draft Steve Anchell votes to the "Let's start right away"...

Count me IN!!! With the quality of photography in the Galleries here, the sheer variety of outlooks and personalities, the tolerance for differences...
Someone clue me in; how can we miss?

With what I've seen here, all else is PITA trivia!