I already posted this once today but I'll do it again. Both Adorama and B+H have Forte in stock. It WAS out of stock several months ago. Now it is again in stock.
What does this tell you? Bergger IS Forte made to their specifications in the same plant.(Bergger also IN stock) I belive that Omega-Satter is NOT the importer anymore. What else do you expect their website to say? Let's all not buy Forte; that way we can be assured that they will certainly be out of business.
My belief is that they are doing paper runs for people with cash. I'll bet money that Bergger which doesn't make a damn thing is in there right now with cash in hand. Otherwise wait and see. What do you think J+C 200/400 is? From Gupta, India. It's Forte....and so is the Bergger BPF 200;etc.....
For my money I'll buy the Forte as long as it's around. These are individual choices one has to make but I'd rather be printing on Forte than Multigrade IV.
Best, Peter Schrager