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TAKE THE CLASS! When I played golf, there were so many players who, when they read some cockeyed golfing magazine article, rushed out and purchased the latest equipment or tried the latest fad swing. I bet they spent ten times more than a group of lessons would have cost. If you put your money on education, you will keep the benefit forever. And you will meet the nicest people and make new contacts.
This is almost entirely off topic, but this post made me think of an experience I had recently. I went to an autowreckers to pick up a part (my other disease - cars...). Upon entering the yard, I saw a Subaru WRX (for those of you not into cars, a very fast rally car for the road) and young guy (maybe 18-19) looking at it solemnly. I found out that he was the owner fo the car, and have no idea how he came out of it alive - its was a pretzel! I could see the size of the pole he hit by the way the car was wrapped around where the pole embedded itselfin it. It was a total write off...
Then I looked at the car - between wheels and tires and drilled brakes and carbon fiber parts and air intakes and exhausts - this car had probably 50% of its original price hanging off of it in modifications.
Here is the point: a few track days with a good instructor would not have cost 1/10th of all that kit - and I am willing to bet, would do a better job keeping the car out of the scenery...
No amount of equipment can outweigh good know-how and the benefit of the experience of others.

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