In the past, I have been a happy user of a 3010 Jobo drum on a Beseler motor base for my development. This has served me well, using times I worked out for HC110.

Lately, I have been thinking of doing some "semi stand" development with maybe PMK or maybe dilute Rodinal. I like the idea of highlight restraining possibilities, as well as edge effects. PMK's grain masking effect would be fun to explore. Obviously, my rotating 3010 is not a good match for this type of processing.

I am thinking about a Combi-Plan. I noticed B&H has the kit for sale, with a single tank and rack. However, I envision actually using it in darkness as a "dip and dunk" workflow, rather than a daylight tank. In my mind, using a single tank, in daylight, and having to fill, dump, and re-fill using that little funnel seems messy, and slow, as I am somewhat clumsy.

I would like to actually have three tanks, but I haven't found a vendor who can sell me the two additional I'll need. Anyone have any ideas of a source? Does anyone know if tanks from other vendors will work with the combi-plan rack? The rack seems to hang vertical, and the old kodak tanks seem to hang horizontle, so I guess the rack would not work in them.

(or, maybe I should just get some old stainless kodak hangers, and old kodak tanks instead of a comb-plan?)

I'd appreciate any pointers to sources for obtaining the extra tanks for the combi, or alternate tanks that would be a good match. Also, any other comments about the above workflow and equipment appreciated.