As it happens, I took my FE out this last weekend. My big brother gave it to me when I wanted something more like my old OM1, but that could use the same lenses as my N90. Nice toy. Good glass is very cheap (I was using a 50mm f1.4 I got from someone on APUG, and a series E 75-150 zoom).

There is something to be said for the FTn that you have, though. No electronics boards to go flakey. My FE has a few issues which I have had to work around. Getting the FTn addapted or using the silver cells and compensating on the film speed sound like good ideas. But, if the voices are telling you to get a "new" camera, at today's prices, why not? You could get an FE and an FM camera, try them for a month or so, and sell the one(s) you like least.

Of course, selling cameras is an advanced topic I have yet to accomplish...