Your idea of using multiple Combi-Plan tanks in a traditional dip and dunk like is right on the money. I have done it that way for years. Every professional has always done it that way. That is how sheet film is processed in quantity.

Kodak hard rubber tanks and stainless hangers were perfect for their day. Calumet and Arkay made wonderful stainless lines which resembled drugstore soda fountains. I used them for years. But precious little of that equipment is still manufactured.

You are also correct that daylight methods are very poor technique. I have always (40 years) commercially processed my roll film in open Nikor stainless tanks as well.

B&H sells Combi-Plan tank components separately if you prefer. However, I purchased several complete sets to have spare parts and dry racks for multiple runs. Here is the link for their page of parts;

Eugene Singer has an excellent article on this technique here: