From what I have been reading on APUG I think the time has come to take the advice of many and try a Pyro developer on my 5x4 FP4 negs.
I currently use a simplified zone system, FP4+ film and develop by BTZS tubes. Printing is done using a LPL 7452 diffusion enlarger. With this in mind I have a number of questions which I would like be grateful for your feedback on.

1. There seems to be a multitude of Pyro's out there. What is a good one to start with for the film I am using?
2. I can't develop by inspection due to the fact that I don't have a darkroom available at home. Will the tube development affect the outcome
3. As I develop at home (in the bathroom) is the staining tendancy of Pyro going to cause a divorce
4. Are the results still 'effective' on the enlarger light source that I am using