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I got some levels like Dave/Satin Snow noted, but never bothered to install any.

For some reason, I carry around one of those carpenter's needle-indicator inclinometers. I just picked up a second one for $2.99 on sale at one of those Chinese-import 'disposable' tool stores.

I would NOT recommend their $20 imitation Dremel Tool on sale for $8. I figured before I used any of the rotary accessories I better wear two pairs of safety glasses, a hard hat & a baseball cup. They were honest with the speed rating...it said 16500 rpm, no load. That was true. Put a load on it and it stops :O). Might be able to clean a lens with it.

No Sh*t. That stuff is nasty. I was given some masonry blades for my angle grinder, to carve with, and one of the teeth shot off at less than listed max RPM before it ever touched the stone. Hit my glasses at an angle. Without them I would have lost my focusing eye. Thank god for safety glasses.

As for the levels I love my 2 dollar bulls eye level. Just drop it on top of the camera and level away. I splurged and bought two.