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I ask that because that is my only gripe with my N80... The AF is a little slow at times. It will at times do a lot of "searching". Know what I mean? It also uses one of those little lights, for low light situations, for the AF, which also annoys the crap out of me... If I am trying to shoot something candid, the light tips the people off.....
Tip- Buy the F100 or the F5 or 6, for that price, don`t complaint.

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for the different price points out there, I would look at a pre-owned F100, it is a heck of a camera for the money, still small enough to handle easy, and very durable feeling in your hands, I am not a Nikon person, but absolutely love the feel of the F100 in my hands.

Now, that`s a good piece of advice!

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It sucks compared to the eos-1N i got recently from the big auction site. The other reason why i'm disapointed is that the camera shuts down in cold weather. Anything below 35deg. F and it won't work.
And your comparison also sucks, how can you compare those two machines?
One, a flagship of Canon, the other one, a semi-professional body from Nikon, ridiculous!
I live in Helsinki/Finland, I can asure it`s cold enough, have worked with the "little wonder" outdoors with -25c and never shut down, maybe your one was a lemon?

The bottom-line is, for the price, the F80 it`s the big bargain of that class of machines.