Well--think of this way--you're not watching TV....it's just there. Just like a radio or silence. You're still printing, using a densitometer plotting control strips or scraping the silver recovery unit....or mixing chemistry or whatever. Like I said, at work all I have is a radio and the ever present roar of the air handling system, water chiller, dryers and processors. I often run film and print at the same time--we have a revolving door between 2 darkrooms. Sometimes I'll be doing a shot out in the studio and will have to make a quick print, run back & crank it out, back to my shot etc. I can make a print back there in about 5 minutes or less. I can often look at a neg and telll how to do it--It just happens, I don't really think about it anymore....There are 3 enlargers, and sometimes I'll use all 3 of them, with different negs--flip flopping across them as the prints run through the machine. Just depends on what's going on. You gotta be able to multitask.