BTW, this remark may be a bit off topic, but I have a similar problem with Agfa not making production sizes of analog paper for color anyway. SO before I spent a lot of money replacing some critical glass in my shop, I tested my enlargers with a 10" roll of the laser color paper. It works just fine. Slight color adjustment, but that is likely with every new roll opened. . . otherwise it is really pretty nice. With aerial film as the source, the colors and contrast maintain as well as the "analog" paper did, and the exposure time is only slightly less than the analog paper.

Personally I think it is darn near the same stuff, but the digital branding makes it more expensive. . . but the Agfa tech swears that I should not be able to use it on the regular enlarger lights.

Anyway, my point is to investigate buying and testing some of the so called digital silver emulsion papers. Fuji has one that my digi-printer uses when I have b&w mosaics which I have liked. . .anyway, don't just assume digital laser paper means anti-analog.