I have a mat cutter, and don't really have any problems using it. I was buying mat one or two sheets at a time, and having the shop cut them from 32x40 to 32x20, so they would fit into my Logan mat cutter (someone there was thinking, "make it small enuf that someone can't fit a full sheet - they won't discover it 'till it's too late - hee hee"). So now I goes and buys 20 full sheets, get them home, dang - how do I cut 'em in half. I did the "draw a line & cut with a blade" but not only do I end up with a wiggly cut, it makes my fingers hurt.

Now I wish I would have just bought the bigger mat cutter. Maybe I should bite the bullet & go get one. Of course then I would just have to curse one of you by pawning this undersized cutter off on you.

Any suggestions?