There is reason to believe an APUG mag would be accepted by sufficient supporters to be viable. I recently (today) observed several posts in concerning the demise of Darkroom magazine and expressing a desire for a "good" phsical publication as a replacement of sorts.

I would enthusiastically support an effort if the product can be made first-class with good photo and diagram reproduction in the technical articles. There are issues of course. One is circulation. APUG is truly universal and cosmopolitan, therefore postage costs for even a small pub must be considered. Then there is the compensation for writers. I ask for nothing but consideration, but there are those who's living depend on writing and who can contribute but should be paid. No one can be expected to donate the time required to undertake such an enterprise without compensation either.

I subscribed to a publication by a small "company" called "Better Boat" a few years back. The mag was only a few pages and not "slick" but the articles made it worth the small-ish cost. I think it was available at better newsstands, but I can't remember clearly - it was a while ago. This is an example of a small group publishing a small mag that was well worth the effort, at least then.

I think something _must_ be done to try to preserve traditional chemical photography before it is a lost art. You may not believe this is possible, but try and find someone who can repair a toaster.

Considering the public interest in traditional photography: my next door neighbor restores antique gasoline engines. He subscribes to several pubs relative to his work. I’ve been surprised at his ability to obtain information and parts. Given the similarity in circumstances, I see no reason why “our” efforts could not succeed as well. (Everyone gives their old engines to Doug and their old cameras to me.)

Truly, dr bob.