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"Dear Aunt Aggie,

I'm throwing a darkroom party at the weekend and wonder if you could suggest some party games to help the whole thing go with a swing! I tried this at the last one I held, but "bobbing for apples in the dev tank" didn't go quite as well as I'd thought it would..."

Seriously though, all the best. Looking around and the wealth of talent on this site, this could be very good indeed!
We defintely have the "spirit"!!

I would suggest we draft FrankB as humor editor. If he keeps up with ideas like "bobbing for apples in the dev tank" (watch for the producers of "Fear Factor" to steal this one..) I'm going to have to buy a box of "Depends." :lol:

When I suggested the consideration of resuscitating the name "Camera and Darkroom", I was serously thinking of name recogniton. I, for one, would at least be stopped in my tracks at the newstand if I saw the title "Camera and Darkroom" on the shelves. That magazine, and I'll be the first to admit it was not perfect, had a sky-high image in the photographic market. At the end of its life, it was a Larry Flynt publication ... I can only wonder if its demise was really due the idea that it was not "pornographic enough" for the 'powers that used to be' in that organization.

To tell the truth, if *I* saw the title "Camera and Darkroom" on a magazine reck, I'd buy five of them, without even browsing - just as a knee-jerk reaction.