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It figures...

My wife and I got out and went touristing around north Alabama. Went to Cathedral Caverns, great place, stunning cave and nice tour guides. Then we found a sign pointing to thhe Walls of Jericho and followed it north from Scottsboro. Theres two parking spots, the first has an image of a horse on it, the second has a hiker icon on it, thats the one you want. From the looks of the map the trails a good three or four miles downhill. We opted out of that consifdering the lateness of the day and the heat. Map said the round trip hike was five hours. Afterward we drove to Little River Canyon and got a few frames off on the 8x10. We just got back a short while ago.


Still stumbling around in cave country? I hiked down the escarpment from the highway into Walls of Jericho. It is a pretty cool place. large TAG limestone canyon that has been hollowed out into a large bowl shaped area that kind of looks like an amphitheatre. I saved time by hiking down the mountain from the east, but I dropped over 1500' in elevation. Not fun hiking back up with large format gear! I got some pics, but you really must have something very wide angle to capture the place properly.