There are lots of dyes that can be used for pan films. I can make t-grain emulsion, and theoretically, sensitize for panchromatic films. However, I am working in safelight using my own arms, so I can't handle pan emulsions. If you pay to build a facility for me, I can make it for you :-)

The best I've tried so far is infrared emulsion (in green safelight). But this is still painful to make practically usable plates in very dim light (or the emulsion will fog).

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Making an orthochromatic film should not be very hard, it is making a fast speed (100 asa and above) panchromatic film with consistency that it is difficult.

The dyes used to give film panchromatic properties are difficult to obtain and I imagine in small quantities probably very expensive. Sadly I think neither Kodak or Ilford would release their formulations even if they decided to quit making film altogether, so in essence you would have to re invent the wheel.....seems to me we will have to be happy with glass plates, but heck, if it was good enough for G. Eastman, it might just be good enough for us...