I have all 3 lens, the 135, 85, and 105 which I use on a regular bases on either spotmatic f or Chinon Body with Winder. All 3 can be hand held with 400 speed film and a good technique. If need to shoot hand held with a 150mm or 200mm I push TriX to 800 or use TMAX 3200. You can shoot with a 85 as low as 1/60th and the 105 and 135 at 1/125 if you shoot a with markman's stance, lay the lens across the palm of your left arm and keep the elbow tucked close your body and control your breath, left foot forward. I can usually get an 8x10 or 11x14 with much trouble.

I use my 105 as my normal lens, the 85 is heavy but really good for available light work.