the story:
two years ago, my girlfriend and I was at an island, doing a one-day fun'n games with a bunch of people from a professionel commercial photographer compagny..
I had to try and make a photographic competition for aLL the members of the compagny.
not easy, when some of them were secretarys and such - people that never took an image - blended with all the pros..

so we did Pinhole camera. Stine was model - stood there all day, in the nude, beside the water-- and it wasn't too warm..

I was promised a whole darkroom and lots and lots of quality paper for my work...

time went on, and I didn't hear from the photographer...

In the meantime I had a really great offer, and bought a Hasselblad system for the school.. really cheap. (1000$)

Now - two years later, I got the darkroom. 4 (normal) enlargers and one Durst 138..
and lots of paper...

I had this idea, and asked my headmaster.. how about a schwitz? (spelling?)
I havn't use for all those enlargers (I have two great ones)
ok - he said.

SO now I am the proud owner of the Hasselblad system....
two cameras - 50-80-150-250mm lenses - 3 close-up lenses - extension rings - pol mag - 4 magazines - filters - wodden box and the hasselblad leather case.. (I might miss out some..)

and without paying any money for it!

SO now I only have one problem: I actually don't like Hasselblad... I'm a Rollei man....
my girlfriend states that the hassy makes her sexy, so.......

PS: the one camera is the ELX. with motor.. I can't figure it out.
anyone here with a prospectus?